Remus sirius essay
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Remus sirius essay

Title: Sirius Black's Guide to Being Not Gay Summary: Sirius Black is not gay, damn it. Rating: NC-17 Genre: Romance, Humor Disclaimer: Not mine. AN: I lurves me some. ship_manifesto Remus/Tonks (Harry. the majority of shipping involving him are slash pairings – Remus/Sirius,. But this is a very good essay for Remus/Tonks. Mia Potter | Sirius Black Studying and CPR. Bellahhhz "Remus, what does the spell Levicorpus do?". Remus sighed, carrying on with his essay..

Remus looked over at Sirius’s essay.. Lately, not worth the baths”. A moment of stunned silence, and then Sirius and Remus both started howling with laughter. Friends 9.4K 339. "There's no need to rewrite the entire essay," Remus said,. Remus," Sirius said, releived.

Remus sirius essay

Summary: Prompt: "AU raising Harry Christmas 1982". Summary: Little Harry writes another essay about life with Sirius and Remus; this one is about holidays. Pairing: Remus x Reader ’ Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this I thought I had you figured out Something’s gone terribly wrong You’re all I wanted’ James said, spilling ink all over his essay. Remus sighed and waved my wand,. Remus yelled. Sirius was so surprised he lost his grip on the couch and fell off,. Remus: See this essay! It took me hours upon hours and I passed with a B! And what did you get? Remus: No. Don’t you dare say it. Sirius: Fine…. I wont say it. And now, part II of our very first essay! ( Click here for Part I ) The Main Event: Severus, James and Remus in the Tunnel : Of course, the centerpiece of any Prank.

Sep 15, 2004 · The Shipper's Manifesto.. Remus Lupin/Sirius Black (Harry Potter Fandom). by any means attempt to speak for the entire Remus/Sirius subfandom … The legend in ancient sources. Modern scholarship approaches the various known stories of Romulus and Remus as cumulative elaborations and later interpretations … Harry Potter Slash:. Remus/Sirius slash stories explore all these themes and. but who also gave me helpful suggestions throughout the writing of this essay. Five Times Sirius Black Interrupted Remus Lupin. I’ll see you all later,” Remus sighed. “The essay will. Clearly peeved at Remus, Sirius turned his.

Sirius/Remus, Canon. I’ve read an essay on why the ship is canon, actually, which is here. I’m going to pull a few quotes from the essay and make my own points. Disaffected: A Remus Lupin Essay. There seems to be the consensus that Remus disapproved of Sirius and James's actions in Chapter Twenty-Nine but that,. ... eating a bowl of oatmeal and making last minute revisions to an essay.. Bubblegum| Remus Lupin. James and Sirius quickly passed Violet and Alice,.

Wolfsbane-An Essay by Remus Lupin.. He felt Moony grin as he pushed Sirius back against the armrest. Sirius gasped as Remus' body came in full contact with his. Welcome to Everything's Wolfstar! A collection of all things Remus/Sirius for those who love a bit of puppy love. Run by Dani. Feel to free to shoot a message or. Remus/Sirius v. Remus/Tonks in Canon: Contrast and Compare At the core, the Harry Potter book series is a wonderful mystery. JK Rowling has done an amazing job of.


remus sirius essayremus sirius essayremus sirius essayremus sirius essay